Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Where Did You See God Today? Take 3

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the funeral for the mother of a very good friend.  I can hear you now.  "You had the pleasure of attending a funeral?"  Don't get me wrong.  I hurt deeply for my friend who lost her mom.  My pleasure came in watching God during the wake and the funeral.  He was everywhere.

On my flight from Boston to Atlanta I had a short layover in Philly.  As I was getting my luggage out of the overhead bin, a woman a few seats over said, "Make sure you check the luggage, ours looks exactly the same."  I replied, "Mine has a broken zipper in front, so I think we are good."  She gave no reply and I hurried off the plane, practically running to my next plane.  As I scrambled down the walkway to the plane, God told me to look at my luggage.  I was in a hurry, but I obeyed.  Inside I found six inch leopard print shoes I would never wear.  I had taken the wrong luggage!

God showed up in all His mercy.  We found the other lady, switched our luggage and I was booked on the next flight, which left an hour later.  But that was just the beginning of my God sightings.

My friends in-laws were to pick me up at Boston's Logan airport, which is by no means a small airport.  I had met them once or twice, but was really concerned if I would remember them or not.  As I walked down the stairs to baggage claim they were right in front of me.  God simply said, "There they are."  I had been worried for nothing.

On the way to the place where my friends were staying, the in-laws asked me if I needed to stop for food.  I was too embarrassed to say yes, so I told them I was fine.  Please tell me you've done the same kind of foolish thing.  Anyway, when we arrived my friends husband (also my friend) had bought us turkey subs.  Oh my...they tasted so good.  God was in on the smallest of details.

One of the things I miss most, now that I live in Georgia and not Connecticut, is the ocean.  I pine for the ocean.  That's how bad I miss it.  Well my friends were staying at their mother's apartment, which had a view of guess what?  Yes!  The ocean.  One of my favorite places to talk with God is the ocean.  How cool of Him to supply one right in my back yard!

I could go on and on about where I saw God when I was in Boston, but let me help you understand why I found the funeral a pleasure.  Tuesday night was the wake, which had hours from 2-4 and 6-8.  Going in to the services I knew my friend, her husband and her children, plus I had some knowledge of the in-laws.

That night, I watched people of all shapes and sizes and ages pass by to give their condolences for this woman who was loved by a community.  She was the biggest fan of several high school sports teams, who came out to honor her.  People stood in the rain in long lines, just waiting for the chance to show their respect.  The receiving line went on and on, lasting until after 9 pm.  It was an amazing thing to experience. 

You could only miss God at the wake and funeral if you really tried. He showed up in the family.  They helped each other stand, they helped each other grieve, they shared memories and laughter.  God showed up in the children.  They kept a watchful eye on each other and their parents.  Standing stronger than anyone else their age could.  God showed up in friends who brought food and water and love.  God showed up in strangers, like the woman whose husband was out of town so she came in his place.  Or the man who had never met my friend's mom, but wanted to support other members of her family.  He showed up in the people who lovingly took me into their hearts and their homes, although they had just met me.

My prayer...all of our prayers should be to live a life that has a positive lasting impact on our families and the communities that surround us.

God is everywhere around us, working in all kinds of ways.  All we have to do is take a look.  Tomorrow we will share some stories from others who have seen God. 

Where did you see God today?  Please click on the link below and share your story.


Monday, October 3, 2011

Where Did You See God Today? Take 2

Today I saw God all over the place.  This morning I was stressed out because I wanted to attend the funeral for the mother of some very dear friends.  There were a couple of problems.  The funeral is in Boston and I have Jury Duty, in Atlanta, tomorrow. 

But God told me not to sweat it, that He would handle it for me.  So when I called (and finally got through...) the lady required no additional information from me and said, "We have deferred your Jury Duty to January 11th."  Wow!  Nothing dealing with the government is ever that easy.

Then I talked with a friend, who lovingly asked me if I was okay....and he was genuinely concerned.  In that moment I felt such a rush of God's love, I wanted to cry.

I saw God at the grocery store.  He came in the form of a gentleman about 30 years of age who, with great patience, was helping an older man with disabilities pick out his groceries.  I could have followed them all day and watched the tenderness between the two men.

Around noon time a gentleman came to do some work on our home.  I saw God as he talked about his children and how amazing they were to him and how much he loved spending time with them.  I thanked God for opening the doors for that conversation.

I even saw God at my favorite place today, Starbucks.  He came in the form of a lady who wants to mentor me in a new job endeavor.  He listened quietly, actually caring what I was saying.  He asked all the right questions and gave all the right answers.

Tonight I saw God in my daughter as she lovingly helped me pack for my trip to Boston.  I stuff everything in the suitcase and pray it fits.  She lovingly folds everything and places it neatly, so nothing gets wrinkled.  Unlike me, she was aware of every little detail.  God is the same way in our lives.

When I began this blog asking, "Where Did You See God Today?", I sent a request for other people to share their stories.  Less than 10 people took the time. 

At first I was frustrated and maybe even a little angry.  Now I am simply enjoying the journey.  Whether or not people join me on the road isn't important.  What is important?  That every day God shows Himself to me in a new and miraculous way. 

My prayer for you is that you will take the time to see Him in your world.  If you want to share your stories please click on this link.

Thank you for showing up so many times today God.  See you tomorrow!


Friday, September 30, 2011

Where Did You See God Today?

Hello Everyone -

My newest blog stems from one simple, yet complex question.

Where did you see God today?

There are no right or wrong answers.  Just your thoughts.  In your world, what did you see today that reminded you of God, His attributes, His love, His ways, etc?

This morning I saw God as I watched my cat, Prince Charming.  Yes, that is his name.  Admit it, you love it!  Anyway, Prince had his nose pressed up against the glass doors in our living room when I went downstairs.  He was watching two chipmunks as they played on our back porch. 

At first he was just content watching them play, but then he tried to get at the chipmunks.  I'm not sure if he too wanted to play or if he just wanted to eat them.  Either way, he was stopped short in his tracks by the glass door, which sent him sprawling backward.  He got up, shook his head for a while, gave me a dirty look (like I had something to do with it) and headed off to his room.

That is when I began to chuckle...loudly...out loud.  I couldn't help myself.  I don't know if it was because my cat thought he could walk through glass, because of the sound he made when he hit the door or because I had just been given a dirty a cat!!!

My laughter reminded me of God and His joy.  It felt so good just to sit in it for a moment.  "For you make me glad by your deeds, Lord; I sing for joy at what your hands have done."  Psalm 92:4 (NIV)

See how easy it is to share where you saw God today?  What I'm asking you to do is click on the link below and simply share your story.  Please check back often and be blessed by the daily appearances of God in our world.


Married People Sure Need Prayer

A few weeks ago I asked married people to answer some questions about their marriages.  Their answers will explain the title of this blog.

The people who answered were split evenly by gender, half female and half male.  They met each other in such places as school, youth group, work, through friends and family. 

Of our group, the largest percent of them, over 50%, had been dating for one to three years before they got engaged.  Only one daredevil got engaged after less than six months of dating.

They split up pretty evenly in length of marriage, with two notable exceptions.  Only 10% of them have been married for 1-5 years.  The other 90% are split between 6-10 years, 11-25 years and 25-50 years.  However, none of them has been married for over 50 years.  Not yet anyway.

Their proposals vary from in the car parked at the families driveway, after a trip to New York City, flat out saying, "I want to marry you", nothing special, at home, an Indian restaurant and Wal-Mart.  Seriously?  Wal-Mart?

My two favorite proposals were the lady who listened several times as her suitor asked her to marry him in words and in poems and then finally asked him!  And the guy, who met his wife at a McDonald's, but proposed to her on the beach, with roses, champagne and his grandmother's ring.  Now that's a guy who is going places!

What is the best thing about their marriage?  Shared passions, children, laughter, unconditional love, trust, commitment, doing things together, being taken care of and having a best friend.  One guy says his favorite thing is having a super hot person with whom he can snuggle.

What could they do better in their marriages?  Pray, forgive, give marriage to God, be more gentle, more romantic, more understanding, more of a servant, help with finances, argue less, trust the future, pay more attention and better sex (this from a guy who uses sex as the answer to several questions).

What do they want their spouse to do better?  Listen, be more patient, more affectionate, stand up for them, place them first, don't give them grief, serve them more, be more considerate, keep growing in God and communicate more.

Lastly, I asked the what the marriage of their dreams would look like.  Half the group said, "I have the marriage of my dreams."  This was also the group who said they could change and wanted their partner to change.  One quarter of the group said, "I have the dream marriage, but..."  The honest group (ahem) cited things like less money woes, they would be more united, less disagreements, financial stability and more shared activities.  Oh yeah...and our favorite guy who wants more sex and more money.  I'm beginning to feel bad for his wife.

My dear married people, thank you for your honesty and for your humor.  As a single person, I have learned a lot from you.  Mostly what not to do!  My prayer for each of you is that you  take steps every day to strengthen your marriage and always keep Christ at the center.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

We are NOT all terrorists!

Today's blog centers around a 47 year old female, who works in healthcare.  Our survey taker lists the country she belongs to as the United States, but she gives us some insight into her culture.

The first thing on our friend's mind is people who incorrectly believe, "we are all terrorists."  You can almost hear the hurt in her voice as she says the words. One truth about her culture is they eat with their hands a lot, using bread as their utensil. 

Every one of her answers points to her dream of "no hungry kids".  If she could change the world, she would make sure every child had three square meals a day and candy on Saturday.  I have always loved Saturday!  She gets angry when kids in America go hungry, because in her words, "there is no excuse."

Her greatest joy comes in helping the poor by supplying food for them.  Guess why she wishes for more money.  You got it!  To buy food to feed the poor.  What kind of future does she see for her children?  They will carry on where she left off with the hungry...of course.

Our friend defines success as "going to bed every night exhaused from doing the right thing."  I've got some work to do in that arena.  I go to bed almost every night exhausted, but it's because I am serving myself, not others.

I would like to hear some comments from you.  Tell me how the war on terrorism has affected you and what you are doing to feel secure in an insecure world.

Also, there are several surveys on my website, including a new one for married couples.  Please visit my website at and take one or more of the life changing surveys.  The married couple survey is giving me incredible insight, which I will share with you soon.


Monday, September 19, 2011

Best Definition of Success EVER!

As promised, today we venture into the heart and mind of a 12 year old middle school student.  I believe you will be surprised by what we find there.  For instance, the first thing our student wants you to know is, not all American children are spoiled brats. 

Her dream is to be a nurse and heal the broken.  She wants to change the world by helping the homeless and spreading the Word of God around the world.  She doesn't sound like a brat to me, how about you?

The one thing that makes our student angry is fake friends.  Yes, that certainly sounds like middle school, doesn't it?.  She gets the most joy out of helping people.  This is a child who, every time she gets a free moment from school, can be found at a local assisted living facility, helping the elderly residents.  At 12 years old, she is already working toward her dream. 

My favorite thing about our friend is that she gives the best definition of success EVER!  She simply says success is defined as, "doing well."  As the old saying goes, "out of the mouths of babes..."

Precious student, I wish you blessings as you continue toward your dream of becoming a nurse.  You already have the compassion, it comes through in your responses.  I would tell you just one more thing.  You are already successful.  Not only are you doing well, you are doing very well.

If you have not taken my life changing questions survey, please go to and take one or more of the surveys available.  Please check back on Wednesday when we will be discussing why some cultures remind people of terrorism.


Friday, September 16, 2011

I Would Like An Order of Personality Please

Okay, as promised, let's have a chat with our college student.  He is 18 years old, Black/African American and serves as a mentor.

He says the common misconception about his culture (and age group) is that pleasure and personal gratification are the only things they are concerned about.  Instead, he says the youth of today are striving to find their identity and become leaders in the world.

His dream is to be a teacher, get married (he qualifies this with a maybe), have some kids and become a better youth leader.  He wants his children to live in a world where it's okay to be smart and they are promised a great education.

If he could change the world, he would get rid of MTV, VH1, E! and BET.  Once that is finished, he is off to South America, South Africa and even the United States to revitalize cities and countries with relation to government, education and social class. 

Our friend finds success in doing what God considers excellent.  He gets angry when he fails at something or when he fails someone else.  He finds joy in being able to help someone on this journey called life.  He loves to sow into other people.

He gives a similar answer to the what would you want more of and what would you change about your life questions.  His answer...personality.  He finds it hard to speak with people, especially women (that might explain his maybe).  His desire is to become smooth and suave so he can leave his social awkwardness behind.

My dear college student, it is cool to be smart.  Without people like you, we wouldn't have doctors and lawyers and great engineers.  In your answers we find a loving, honest, caring person.  Now that's personality!

Please visit my website at and fill out any of the surveys listed there.  Many people visit the surveys, but few take the time and energy to fill them out.  I am asking you to make the effort.  It will be worth it for you, for me and one day for the world.

Tune in on Monday, when a 12 year old gives us insight into her world.